Service Leavers

Leaving the army, navy or RAF and launching a civilian career can be challenging. The good news is that your skills, attitude, behavior and culture are in demand.. 

A career in these innovative industries offers a secure future. There are clear pathways for development, and the industry lies at the heart of the UK's economic sustainability.

Continue serving your country even after leaving the armed forces.    

The Career Transition Partnership offers a wealth of practical information and support as you consider your career in civilian life. With their help, you can make an informed choice about your career options. 

Opportunities in Apprenticeships

If you're leaving the armed forces and considering a career in the energy and utilities sector, one of the best places to start - whatever your age or background - is an Apprenticeship.

Opportunities in Engineering 

Great news: it’s predicted that by 2022, engineering employers will need more than 2.5m people.  

Engineers, technicians and craftspeople are the heart of the energy and utilities sector. There’s an immediate need for practical, hands-on, technical problem-solvers who have the desire and initiative to manage, to lead and develop a career in engineering.

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