Our Progression Stories

If you’re keen to develop a career in which you can progress, read our inspiring stories about progression.

From apprentice to CEO or teenage mum to Global Director of the Year, the career opportunities in the sector are almost endless. Find out how these individuals have built their careers in a sector that provides essential services to 65 million people in the UK every day.    

Alison Fergusson, Principal Engineer, Ofwat

Alison's Story - Professional

"The sector is an exciting place for engineers. Water and wastewater services are so vital for all, and the technical challenges and opportunities are endless."
Ben Mitchelmore

Ben's Story - Service Leaver

“I would recommend it to anyone leaving school or looking for a change of career, like me. This apprenticeship has given me the opportunity to earn while I learn.”
David Thorne, Chief Executive, Gemserv

David's Story - Professional

"I hope that as a business we can make a difference, however small it may be, to people’s lives and the planet."
Iain Bell, British Gas, Professional, Talent Source Network

Iain's Story - Professional

"For me, going down the apprenticeship route has always been the right decision. It is a unique opportunity to learn about a role, and a business, in a really immense way."
Jan Ward, CBE, Chair, Energy & Utility Skills

Jan's Story - Professional

"There are so many opportunities in the energy and utilities sector and Talent Source Network is a great initiative to help you find them.”
Samantha Burchell, Network Operations Manager, UK Power Networks

Samantha's Story - Professional

"Working in my team is like a little family, where we all work for each other to achieve success."
Stuart Rattray, Engineering Academy Specialist, British Gas

Stuart's Story - Professional

“I chose to earn and learn at the same time.”
Urvashi Mistry, Stakeholder Coordinator, Northern Gas Networks

Urvashi's Story - Professional

"Working for Northern Gas Networks has opened so many doors for me."