Our Graduates

Want a career that helps provide essential services to 65 million people in UK every day?

Join our team of #unseenheroes who joined a graduate scheme in the energy and utilities sector to help keep the lights on, provide fresh drinking water and a better and greener future for the UK. You can have a background in engineering, finance or even HR - graduate schemes range from technical and engineering roles to commercial roles.

Find out what our graduates have to say about their jobs and why they chose a career path to really make a difference.

Alex Lowe, Graduate, E.ON UK

Alex L's Story - Graduate

“I’ve felt very trusted and pushed to do roles and projects that I don’t have previous experience in.”
Andy Campbell, Project Engineer, Morrison Utility Services

Andy's Story - Graduate

"Show your enthusiasm and contribute as much as you can. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes early on and learn quickly."

Conor D's Story - Graduate

"There are so many opportunities to do different things or to move into totally different roles in the energy and utilities sector."
Ellie Taylor, Graduate, E.ON UK

Ellie's Story - Graduate

"I love working for a company who cares, and with people who care. I love how dynamic the sector is – no two days are the same.”
George Newman, Graduate Management Trainee, FCC Environment

George's Story - Graduate

"I work in a fast moving, exciting industry, with great career prospects."
Lewis Hipwell, Graduate, McNicholas

Lewis's Story - Graduate

“Every day is different and poses problems to solve, and that is what I really enjoy.”
Ryan Stafford, Graduate, Morrison Utility Services

Ryan's Story - Graduate

“What I love about working here, which is relevant to all roles I have done and will do in the future; every day is a new challenge.”
Shannon, Graduate, FCC

Shannon's Story - Graduate

“Don’t let reservations or stereotypes hold you back. Waste is a vast and ever changing industry that is full of interesting challenges and opportunities requiring all sorts of skills.”
Sophie Russell, Design Engineer, ScottishPower

Sophie's Story - Graduate

“It's an industry where you come to work, do something different every single day and have to constantly innovate.”
Stephie Pascal, Graduate, British Gas

Stephie's Story - Graduate

“The work I do is important to almost all aspects of daily life - keeping us warm during the winter, keeping the lights on, and cooking food!”